Production for centrifugal flange and forging flange

- Feb 02, 2018-

Centrifugal flange is how the production of production, centrifugal casting made of flat welding flange process methods and products, characterized in that the product is processed through the following process steps:


1.The selected raw materials into the intermediate frequency electric furnace smelting, the molten steel temperature reaches 1600-1700 ℃;
2. The metal mold preheated to 800-900 ℃ to maintain a constant temperature;
3. The start centrifuge, the step ① molten steel injected into step ② preheated metal mold;
4. The castings naturally cooled to 800-900 ℃ for 1-10 minutes;
5.water cooled to near normal temperature, stripping out the castings.


Forging flange production process:

Forging process generally consists of the following processes, namely the selection of high-quality steel blanking, heating, forming, forging after cooling. Forging process free forging, forging and fetal membrane forging. Production, according to the quality of forgings, the number of production batches choose a different forging method.


Free forging low productivity, processing margin, but the tool is simple, versatility, it is widely used for forging a simple shape of the single, small batch forgings. Free forging equipment with air hammer, steam - air hammer and hydraulic press, respectively, for small, medium and large forgings production. Forging high productivity, easy operation, easy mechanization and automation. Die forgings with high dimensional accuracy, machining allowance is small, the distribution of fiber forgings more reasonable, can further improve the service life of the parts.