Potassium-sodium alloy

- Mar 26, 2018-

Potassium-sodium alloy
Sodium Potaddium Al
[Do not] sodium potassium alloy [shrink]JNHJ
Chemical Structure 4K-Na
[chemical properties] glenflange
Silvery soft solid or liquid. Reacts violently with acid, carbon dioxide, moisture, and water, releases hydrogen, spontaneously ignites, and sometimes explodes. Density: 0.847 g/ml (100°C) (K78%, Na22%); 0.886 g/ml (100°C) (K56%, Na44%) Melting point: -11°C (K78%, Na22%); 19°C (K56%, Na44%);
[limit parameters] Boiling point: 784°C (K78%, Na22%); 825°C (K56%, Na44%);
[Application] The coolant used in liquid metal nuclear reactors is a sodium-potassium alloy that is liquid at room temperature.
Sodium-potassium alloy melting point
Sodium potassium melting point
20% 80% -10 °C
22% 78% -11 °C
24% 76% -3.5 °C
40% 60% 5 °Cglenflange