Pipe: carbon steel pipe - stainless steel pipe

- Jan 23, 2018-

Pipe: This mainly refers to the pipe, can be divided into pipe (straight seam welded pipe, spiral welded pipe) and seamless pipe. Welded pipe (also known as seam pipe) is usually used for low pressure (20KG / CM2) pipe, But also mainly for large diameter (such as DN400 and above) system, therefore, its wall thickness is generally thin (usually SCH10 below) .Seamless pipe is generally used for high pressure pipe, due to the seamless pipe production process, we Commonly used industrial seamless pipe, usually from hot rolled, so the market for hot-rolled seamless pipe wall thickness, for a certain diameter pipe,
Usually there is a certain lower limit (usually above SCH10)
This is like:
Φ27-Φ48 wall thickness ≥2.0
Φ57-Φ76 wall thickness ≥ 3.0
Φ89-Φ159 wall thickness ≥ 3.5
Φ168-Φ219 wall thickness ≥ 4.0 (Φ168 * 3 market, but less)
Φ273 wall thickness ≥6.0
Φ325-Φ377 wall thickness ≥8.0
Φ402-Φ426 wall thickness ≥ 9.0
Φ530-Φ630 wall thickness ≥10.0

Pipe per meter theoretical weight formula is:
Carbon Steel Management Heavy = (Foreign Economic - Wall Thickness) * Wall Thickness * 0.02466 (mm, weight kg)
 Stainless steel management weight = (foreign economy - wall thickness) * wall thickness * 0.02491 (millimeters, the weight of kg))
 For example: A 6 meters long 273 * 8 stainless steel tube:
Weight per meter = (273-8) * 8 * 0.02491 = 52.81Kg
6 meters a rationale = 52.81 * 6 = 316.86Kg