Pay attention on Some points in the oil pipeline welding

- Jan 26, 2018-

Oil pipeline welding is one of the most common types of welding processes. Due to the rapid development of the oil industry today, it indirectly drives the development of the transportation industry. Pipeline transportation of oil is a common method. But sometimes need to pay attention to the length of the pipe or somehow, then you need to ensure that the pipe can reach the range of oil pipe welding process. glenflange

First, since welding is a process of rapid local cooling and heating, there are some limitations on the part of the product to be welded, which can not be normally expanded and contracted, and then deformed after cooling When people need to be cooled after the deformation of the product welding correction, to ensure that products can be used.glenflange

Second, since many modern welding technologies are unable to weld existing defects, it is time to make some surface defects in the welding process. Therefore, the oil pipeline welding work needs to be based on the conditions of use of materials and the situation is under stress is a very big relationship.
Third, the cross-section of the material is required because the oil pipeline welding process is affected by many problems during its operation