India detains COSCO's grand Cuiyun ship, saying it has military equipment

- Feb 20, 2020-

According to the Hindustan Times, a Hong Kong based special merchant ship of China Ocean Shipping (Group) Co., Ltd. named da Cui Yun, was detained by India in the port of kandra, India, on the grounds that they carried a high-pressure steam kettle which can be used to make missiles as well as dryers.            According to reports, the ship arrived at the port of kandra on February 3. The Hindustan Times said Indian customs officials seized suspicious cargo from the cargo ship flying the Hong Kong flag on February 17, and the crew of the cargo ship is still on board. A port official familiar with the situation said Tuesday that the ship's documents are also likely to be seized. "The next step is up to the [India] government," the official, who declined to be named, added At present, a group of experts from the defense research and Development Organization (DRDO) of India's Ministry of defense is examining the cargo on board, the report said.            The Indian media combed the whole journey of the great Cuiyun. The great Cuiyun stayed in Shanghai for five days, then passed Nantong port in Jiangsu Province, and finally set out for India from Jiangyin port in Jiangsu Province. The ship's final destination was port Qasim in Karachi, Pakistan. On February 3, the grand Cuiyun arrived at the port of candela, India, and immediately unloaded 2480 tons of machinery. Indian media said the grand Cuiyun appeared to be in a hurry to leave the Indian port of candela. After unloading the cargo, the ship applied for a pilot to leave on February 4. "On February 5, a ship called Chandler made a request to prohibit the captain and the ship from leaving the port." Then senior officials in the port of kandra received a call from the Indian capital, New Delhi. Officials from India's tax Intelligence Agency (DRI), India's national security agency and the Ministry of defense arrived in kandra.           

 According to the Hindustan Times, "the ship may be carrying missile parts" from Hong Kong, the highest level intelligence agency in India. The message from Indian agents is believed to be that the ship may carry dual-use technology products, products that can be used for both civilian and military purposes. Another senior official at the port of candela, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that after the ship was prevented from leaving, an inspection by the Customs Department found that the "statement on the nature of the goods" did not match. Indian customs officials said "initially, the ship violated the United Nations regulations on special chemicals, organics, materials, equipment and Technology (score)," the source added. It is reported that categories 4 and 5 of the score regulation relate to the transport of dual-use technologies, especially those that can be used to produce nuclear warheads. The regulation aims to control the export and prevent the proliferation of technologies and equipment that can be used to manufacture or dispose of chemical and biological weapons