How to deal with stainless steel pipe is oxidized white spot?

- Jan 18, 2018-

Experienced mechanics all know that the stainless steel pipe is oxidized easily on the surface of the formation of white spots, this time we must make the appropriate treatment, but how should we deal with it?


1, the appearance of grinding method.

Polishing allows the aluminum to be ground down to fill the pores of stainless steel tubing.

2, high voltage high current density impact method. Glenflange

In the anodic oxidation pre-adoption of high-voltage, high current impact, so that the original size of stainless steel pipe cutting impurities after a large current impact and convergence into pieces.

3, the appearance of shot peening.

As the choice of peening power will be greatly improved, so this stainless steel pipe by anodizing and dyeing effect will be surprisingly good.