High-pressure elbow production process

- Feb 26, 2018-

High pressure elbow manufacturing process first welding a polygonal cross-section of the polygonal ring shell or closed at both ends of the polygonal fan-shaped shell, filled with pressure medium within the internal pressure, the internal pressure under the cross-section of the gradual change from polygon Into a circle, and finally into a circular ring shell. According to the needs of a circular ring can be cut into four 90 elbow or six 60 high-pressure elbow or other specifications elbow, the process is suitable for manufacturing high-pressure elbow Large diameter and stamping elbow diameter ratio greater than 1.5 large elbow of any specifications, is currently the ideal method of manufacturing large national standard elbow.


High-pressure elbow for oil, gas, chemical, hydropower, construction and boilers and other industries piping system.No blank tube as raw material, can save the cost of pipe equipment and mold, and can be any large diameter and wall thickness is relatively Thin national standard elbow.Because of the above two reasons, can shorten the manufacturing cycle, greatly reduce production costs.Because no special equipment is needed, especially for on-site processing of large national standard elbow.Blank for flat or exhibition surface can be curved, so the simple feeding , Easy to ensure accuracy, easy assembly and welding