Fincantieri officially delivered Lijing seven seas brilliance cruise ship

- Feb 20, 2020-

The "seven seas Splendor" cruise ship built by Fincantieri shipyard in Italy for the Regent seven seas cruise ship has been officially delivered, which is the fifth cruise ship built by Fincantieri shipyard for the Regent seven seas cruise ship.            

The total registered tonnage of "qihaihuihuang" is 55254 tons, with a length of 244 meters. There are 551 crew members on board, providing top-level personal services for 750 guests, ensuring a comfortable journey. There are 375 guest rooms, ranging from 28.5 square meters to 412.8 square meters. The public space is designed to be luxurious, with five exquisite specialty restaurants and three elegant bars and lounges. In addition, the brand will decorate art works with a total value of $5 million, more than 500 crystal chandeliers and 436.6 square meters of Italian marble to create a charming boat space.            

Jason Montague, President and CEO of the seven seas cruiser, said: "every part of the seven seas brilliance reveals elegance, comfort, perfect fit for the needs of guests, and full of ingenuity. For more than two years, our passengers have been looking forward to the official launch of the seven seas glory, so they are very enthusiastic to accept the reservation of the antenna, which is the busiest working day in the history of the brand. We are very grateful to the professional team of Fincantieri shipyard and the Regent cruise ship for working together to build the perfect luxury cruise ship and realize our great ideas one by one. The seven seas brilliance fully reflects the determination of Lijing cruise ship to continuously pass its fleet and present incomparable cruise experience to guests. "            

Luigi Matarazzo, general manager of Merchant Shipping Department of Fincantieri shipyard, pointed out: "excellent and excellent quality is one of the common points of Fincantieri shipyard and Lijing seven seas cruise ship. We are very honored to be able to build a luxurious and extraordinary seven seas brilliant ship. During the whole process, our team has applied outstanding skills and expertise in various aspects to demonstrate the shipyard's position in building luxury cruise lines, a unique market with fierce competition. "            

Under the leadership of Serena melani, the first female captain in charge of the new ship in history, the "seven seas brilliance" officially made its maiden voyage on February 6, 2020, from Barcelona, Spain, to Miami, Florida, USA. on February 21, a gorgeous and elegant naming ceremony will be held in Miami port. Christie Brinkley, the godmother of the cruise ship, a famous supermodel and actor, will celebrate the new ship. Subsequently, the cruise ship will invite media and travel agency partners from all countries to participate in the trial voyage from February to March, taking the lead in experiencing various facilities on board.            

After the naming ceremony, the "seven seas brilliance" will go through the Panama Canal twice to visit the tropical paradise Caribbean Sea and the blue coast of Mexico, and then set off from Miami for a unique South Caribbean trip to New York. In spring, the cruise ship will sail across the Atlantic again during the maiden European voyage season, traveling in the Mediterranean, one of the most popular tourist areas, and stopping at many ports with rich culture and history.