Costa's first LNG powered luxury cruise ship finally delivered

- Dec 10, 2019-

After several delays, Meyer Turku, a Finnish shipyard, finally successfully delivered the first LNG powered luxury liner "Costa Smeralda" built for Costa cruises on December 5.

Costa Smeralda left Meyer Turku shipyard on the afternoon of December 6 and set sail for Barcelona. This will become the second luxury cruise ship in the world to use LNG fuel in port and sea after Aida cruises.

"Costa Smeralda will further promote the use of LNG in cruise ships, which is my Pioneer Technology in the cruise industry," said Neil palomba, President of Costa cruise. At present, Costa group has invested in the construction of five LNG powered cruise ships as part of our leading position in the field of sustainable tourism. "

Costa Smeralda is expected to be refuelled in Barcelona on December 18, before heading to Marseille and savona, the port city of northwest Italy. The ship will start operation on December 21, 2019, starting from savona and opening its first voyage to Marseille, Barcelona, Parma, chivitavecchia and laspezia.

Costa Smeralda is the largest cruise ship in Costa's fleet and the first LNG powered cruise ship. After delivery, Costa Smeralda will be in the top ten in the world. It is also the largest cruise ship ever built by Meyer Turku shipyard.

"Costa Smeralda" has a total tonnage of about 180000 tons, a capacity of 6518 passengers, a crew of 1682, and a number of passenger cabins of 2612. "Costa Smeralda" will be designed as "homage to Italy". Many places on the ship are named as famous landmarks in the country. In addition, more than 2600 guest rooms are provided with furniture, lighting and accessories by Italian companies.

In October, Meyer Turku said that "due to the high complexity and scale of the ship project," the delivery time of Costa Smeralda will continue to be delayed to December. This is the second time Meyer Turku has announced a delay in the delivery of the Costa Smeralda. Meyer Turku announced in September that it would postpone the delivery of Costa Smeralda from the original mid October to mid November.

At present, Meyer Turku shipyard is also building the second LNG powered luxury cruise ship "Costa Toscana" for Costa cruises, which is expected to be delivered in 2021.