Corrosion resistant alloy/high temperature nickel base alloy tube

- Apr 16, 2018-

Commonly used brands
N02200, N04400, N06600, N06601, N06617, N06625, N06690, N08800, N08810, N08811, N08825, N08020, N08367, N08028, N06985, N06022, N10276, N10665, etc.
Commonly used standards
ASTM B163 (ASME SB163) Seamless Nickel and Nickel Alloy Condenser and Heat Exchanger Tubes
ASTM B165 (ASME SB165) seamless nickel-copper alloy seamless tube and tube
ASTM B167 (ASME SB167) seamless nickel-chromium-iron alloy and nickel-chromium-cobalt-molybdenum alloy seamless pipe and pipe
ASTM B407 (ASME SB407) Seamless Nickel-Iron-Chromium Alloy Pipes and Tubes
ASTM B423 (ASME SB423) seamless nickel-iron-chromium-molybdenum-copper (UNS N08825 and UNS N08221) nominal pipes and tubes
ASTM B444 (ASME SB444) Seamless Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum-Strontium Alloy (UNS N06625) and Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum-Silicon Alloy (UNS N06219) nominal pipes and tubes
ASTM B622 (ASME SB622) Seamless Nickel and Nickel-Cobalt Alloy Pipes and Tubes
ASTM B668 (ASME SB668) UNS N08028 seamless tube
ASTM B690 (ASME SB690) Seamless Iron-Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum (UNS N08366, UNS N08367) nominal pipes and tubes
ASTM B729 (ASME SB729) Seamless UNS N08020, UNS N08026, UNS N08024 Nickel Alloy Pipes and Tubes

Nickel-based alloys have high alloy contents such as Cr, NI, Mo, etc. They still have good performance in high temperature and strong corrosive environments, such as strong resistance to acid and alkali, and excellent high temperature corrosion resistance. Corrosion properties; Some have good corrosion resistance in reducing and oxidizing media. Widely used in flue gas desulfurization equipment for thermal power generation, wastewater treatment; chemicals with strong corrosive media, petrochemical, marine development industry; production of harsh environment chemicals, heater heat exchangers, evaporator condensers, and transmission lines Manufacturing; atomic power generation in the energy sector, comprehensive utilization of coal, tidal power generation: marine structures in marine marine environments, seawater desalination, seawater heat exchange, etc.