BW LPG has another four vlgc upgraded man dual fuel engines

- Feb 20, 2020-

BW LPG company recently decided to execute an alternative contract to refit another four super large gas carriers to use man B & W me-lgip engine.            

It is reported that this alternative order will increase the number of me-lgip engine orders of BW LPG company to 8. BW LPG said that the test results jointly conducted with DNV GL classification society, Wartsila gas solutions, a fuel supply system provider, and man es exceeded expectations. BW had previously predicted that the dual fuel LPG engine would achieve 11% fuel efficiency savings.            

BW LPG company confirmed that the first four man B & W 6g60me-c9.2 heavy fuel oil engines were refitted into 6g60me-c9.5-lgiplpg power dual fuel engines, which are being carried out as scheduled during the dry dock this year.            

Anders, CEO of BW LPG Onarheim pointed out that, "as the world's largest vlgc owner and operator, we use our scale and deep expertise in the field of maritime transportation to invest in R & D and implement pioneering technology on board, which will drive our industry towards decarbonization - this technology can be implemented on at least 50% of the current global vlgc fleet without special new shipbuilding."            

It is reported that since the me-lgip engine uses liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as fuel, the use of the engine will significantly reduce pollutant emissions, reduce carbon dioxide by about 10%, and reduce particulate matter by about 90%. Therefore, LPG can be included in the list of liquid environmental protection fuels to provide power for dual fuel engines. Compared with other types of engines, the price of me-lgip engines on commercial ships is very competitive.