Butt weld fittings for seamless and weld

- Jan 19, 2018-

Products listed in the standard welded steel pipe fittings, including elbow, tee, Stone, Reducing pipe (also known as the size of the head), caps, pipe elbows, flanged short section, the branch seat and so on.

Commonly used bend according to the bending angle is divided into 45 ° elbow, 90 ° elbow and 180 ° elbow; according to the bending radius is divided into long radius elbow (R ≈ 1.5DN, bending radius of about 1.5 times the nominal diameter ) And short radius elbows (R≈1.0DN, that is, the bending radius is about twice of the nominal diameter). Among them, there are also elbows in the 90 ° long radius elbows. In addition, according to the needs of piping, there will be special angle elbow, such as 60 °, 88 ° 25 "elbow. glenflange

The three-way and four-way have equal diameter and different diameter, equal diameter three-way and four-way takeover end are the same size; diameter three-way and four-way take over the same size, and branch pipe size Less than the competent takeover size.

Reducer with concentric and eccentric points, concentric reducer big end diameter and small end diameter for the same axis; eccentric reducer big end diameter and small end diameter is parallel to the two axes, the small end One side of the diameter is parallel to the outer edge of the big end diameter.

Bending pipe is ordered according to the bending angle and bending radius. It is generally required to have straight pipe sections at both ends of the pipe. The bending radius is usually a minimum of 2.5 to 3 times the pipe outside diameter (R≥2.5D ~ 3D). glenflange