Alfa Laval puresox scrubber system helps owners take the lead

- Feb 20, 2020-

After many years of preparation, the global sulfur content restriction regulations will be implemented on January 1, 2020. When most shipping companies readjust their fuel use, the customers who have installed the Alfa Laval puresox system on board are leading the way. They can not only continue to use the economic heavy fuel oil for navigation, but also have confidence in their own scrubber scheme and future.            

More than ten years ago, the shipowner DFDs's "ficaria seaways" entered the dry dock to expand the cargo hold. At the same time, a set of hybrid puresox system was refitted to clean the exhaust gas of 21 MW main engine on the ship. The prospect of Sox scrubber is almost uncertain during the trial installation.            "As early as 2009, many people questioned the potential of Sox scrubbers. Not everyone believed that the scrubbers could meet the emission limit requirements when operating in the marine environment, and people had deeper doubts about the water cleaning required for closed-loop cleaning," said Steven Pieters, President of sales of Alfa Laval's waste gas cleaning business