358 tankers are affected by US sanctions and the tanker market is crazy

- Feb 20, 2020-

Last week, the market of large oil tankers continued to soar, and the daily rental of VLCC once rose to the level of 300000 US dollars that the whole shipping industry smacked. In a briefing sent by Simpson | speed | young, a well-known shipping brokerage company, to Sindh maritime network for short, the agency wrote that the "wild degree of the freight market" is far beyond the peak of the tanker market in 2007-2008, which I have never seen in more than 30 years of practice            

As previously reported by Xinde maritime network, "the daily rent exceeds 165000 US dollars!"! Agent: this shipping market is crazy. It's crazy! 》According to the analysis in, the surge of oil tanker market is mainly affected by factors such as the attack of Saudi Arabia's refining facilities by drones, the sanctions of some shipping companies by the United States, the temporary withdrawal of some ships from the shipping market to install desulfurization equipment, and the attack of oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz and the Red Sea one after another.            

According to the data provided by Braemar ACM, another shipping broker, there are about 358 tankers of various types in the world affected by the US sanctions against Iran and Venezuela. Among them, about 156 VLCC tankers were affected by US sanctions.            

In other sectors, about 74 suezmax tankers and i128 aframax tankers were affected.