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Whenever you need specialized custom flanges, high alloy, low temperature, high strength, What is a spectacle Flange? A spectacle flange is a specialty flange made of two metal discs attached in the middle by a small section of steel. Spectable flanges get their name because they look like a...
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Whenever you need specialized custom flanges,high alloy, low temperature, high strength, high pressure, specialized dimensions, specialized material and specialized type, anchor flanges, adapters and reducers etc. -GLEN FLANGE is your solution!No matter what size the job, large or small, we always give it our undivided attention.

What is an Expander Flange?

An Expander Flange is a type of welding neck pipe flange used to increase pipe size at the flange connection (see sketch). Expander flanges are also known as a cost effective alternative to using a separate reducer-welding neck flange combination. The expander flange is available in a range of sizes and materials.

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What is a spectacle Flange?

A spectacle flange is a specialty flange made of two metal discs attached in the middle by a small section of steel. Spectable flanges get their name because they look like a pair of reading glasses, or spectacles. 

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What is a anchor Flange?

Anchor flanges are important elements in many thrust-control systems, especially those protecting pipeline pumping stations. Welded into the line and encased in concrete, they immobilize the pipe at predetermined locations and transfer built-up stresses to external structures. 

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What is a Reducing Flange?

Reducing flanges are a specialty flange that are most often used on projects that require the fitting together of different sized pipes. There are several types of reducing flanges including weld-neck reducing flanges, slip-on reducing flanges and threaded reducing flanges. The number one feature of reducing flanges, is that they are a highly economical way to make transitions between pipes of different sizes. 

What is a Studding Outlet flange?

Designed for mating flanges to vessels or tanks economically. Manufactured for either I.D. or O.D. installation. Available in all flange sizes and pressure ratings. Provides the strength and safety the vessel code requires.
We provide these outlet flanges according to your submitted drawing, and although the mount detail is a bit more complex, this typically does not affect the lead time in comparison to the other styles. 

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What is Orifice Flanges?

Orifice Flanges are used with orifice meters for the purpose of measuring the flow rate of either liquids or gases in the respective pipeline. Pairs of pressure "Tappings", mostly on 2 sides, directly opposite each other, are machined into the orifice flange. 

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What is square pipe flange?

Square Flange made in accordance to JIS B2291 standard is a connecting piece that links JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) nominal bore size pipes together and has a working pressure of up to 210kgf/cm2. This is equivalent to 210 Bar, or 21MPa. They are usually used in high pressure systems such as hydraulic and steam lines for up to 3,000 PSI working pressure.

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What is Swivel Ring Flange?
The Oil States Swivel Ring Flange (SRF) is the most commonly used flange for shallow water pipeline repairs. The SRF allows the diver to line up bolt holes with the mating weld neck flange. This significantly reduces the time needed to complete the repair operation.
The SRF utilizes a spring steel retainer ring to capture the rotating flange component of the connector, thus eliminating welded retainers and permitting the removal of the retainer ring. This also makes it possible to clean and lubricate the swivel ring interface between the hub and flange after fabrication and coating to ensure easy rotation during installation 

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